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2023-03-03 14:33

Live Music on the March 4th 2023 at the Tapas Restaurant Vossa Lisboa.

Don't miss it, Tomorrow we will have the artist Mafalda Tavares playing covers and originals live at our Tapas Restaurant "Vossa Lisboa" in Alfama.

Already know Alfama, Lisbon? Tomorrow you have a unique opportunity to visit one of the oldest neighborhoods full of tradition in Lisbon, Alfama. With its people and narrow stone streets, it creates the perfect setting to come and listen to the artist Mafalda Tavares, a singer and songwriter with a unique voice that we are delighted to have as a guest at the Tapas Restaurant Vossa Lisboa. You can listen to the traditional and famous Fado as well as original songs and covers of different styles, while tasting some of our tapas we suggest our Padron peppers or a Roasted Chorizo. We also have a selection of Portuguese national wines for you to enjoy on a memorable day.



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